What is Advocacy?

Advocacy can be described as public support for, or recommendation of a particular cause or policy. Advocacy is about being active – whether that’s by telling your story, lobbying decision makers or mobilising others – and is one of the ways Cancer Council NSW is beating cancer.

Why do we do this

Cancer Council works to defeat cancer. Our vision will be realised when lives are not cut short nor the quality diminished by cancer. Everyone in NSW deserves equitable health opportunities regardless of their economic, social, cultural or geographical situation.

We recognise that sometimes, large scale change from government action (eg new funding, new laws or improving the system) is the most effective way to create change that lasts, and benefits everyone, now and in the future.

What we do

Along with our CanAct Community, we lobby the Government for improvements in the treatment and care of people with cancer and public health initiatives that reduce the incidence of cancer and increase cancer survival.

How we do it… our advocacy agenda

Everyone should have a voice on issues and entitlements around cancer and community members can be a powerful driver for change – individually, and collectively. We help communities identify issues that matter to them, and together, we develop campaigns aimed at creating changes in the system to reduce cancer risks and improve services for everyone in NSW.

We work together with community members, local cancer networks and our staff across NSW to develop, implement and promote these campaigns. In the past, our CanAct community has helped us achieve significant successes in cancer policy across Local, State and Federal Government issues.

Our Advocacy Agenda for 2012-13 – Beat Cancer Together – outlines an agenda for change with opportunities for the community and government to beat cancer together. These goals were identified through a combined process of research and community participation including local events. We held local events for community members to share their views about issues of importance to them, and then conducted an online survey to ensure even more people had a chance to have their say.

Want to get involved?

There are a number of ways you CanAct and make a difference:

  1. Join our CanAct Community and receive regular updates and news about our campaigns.
  2. Attend our two-day Advocacy Training Workshop.
  3. Contact your local Cancer Council NSW office for opportunities to get involved in your area.
  4. Cancer Council NSW – This is who we are [watch the YouTube or Vimeo video]