Reconciliation Action Plan

We are an organisation for all cancers and all people. In order to truly stand by our mission to beat cancer, we simply must turn our attention to our Aboriginal communities.

Reconciliation Action Plan

At Cancer Council NSW, we feel that we’ve come a long way, and yet we are very much just making the first steps on our reconciliation journey.

Our first Reconciliation Action Plan (RAP) 2012/13, aimed to establish a solid foundation of respect, and begin to develop relationships across NSW. We completed 75% of our 2012/13 RAP action items, and are currently using the findings of Cancer Council’s Aboriginal Patterns of Cancer Care study and our on-the-ground connections within local communities to inform the development of our next RAP and an Aboriginal cancer strategy.

Through this process, we display our ongoing commitment to respect and promote Aboriginal culture, rights and perspectives.


Following the nationally recommended model developed by Reconciliation Australia, we established a Strategic Working Group in 2010, comprised of key staff members from all Divisions. We also identified a larger number of individuals across the organisation with a commitment to Aboriginal health and engagement issues. These people led our Yarn Up consultation process, resulting in our first Reconciliation Action Plan.

Over a period of several months, we held Yarn Up sessions, where staff, volunteers and community members were invited to discuss ideas of how we might change the way Cancer Council NSW does business in relation to Aboriginal engagement and the addressing of Aboriginal cancer issues. The inclusive nature of the Yarn Up process has proven successful in stimulating interest and awareness in people who reportedly had not previously considered the
implications of our mission for Aboriginal people.

This Reconciliation Action Plan is based on the insights of all those who participated in a Yarn Up session. The draft was discussed and refined by the Aboriginal Engagement Strategy Group and the Yarn Up leaders. Before release, it was sent to all Yarn Up participants for feedback and suggestions.

We’d like to thank everyone who contributed to the formation of our first Reconciliation Action Plan, and hope you’ll continue to work closely with us as we take the next steps on our reconciliation journey.

July 2014



Reconciliation Action Plan [PDF]
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