Reduce out-of-pocket costs for cancer patients with private health insurance

Cancer patients often discover that even with private health insurance, they face considerable out-of-pocket costs for their treatment. They also find private health insurance is complicated – it’s difficult to understand what is covered and to choose the best policy for their needs.

Not everybody with private health insurance has a high income, and even those who are financially comfortable before a cancer diagnosis may become financially stretched because of associated treatment costs. At the same time, many patients and carers have to take time off work. All this creates extra stress on top of the physical and emotional burden of cancer treatment.

Cancer treatments with out-of-pocket costs for privately insured patients include radiotherapy, surgery in a private hospital, tests and scans, and medicines. By keeping out-of-pocket costs manageable and providing easy-to-understand information and financial consent procedures, the Government can better meet the needs of cancer patients.

Cancer Council NSW is working with Cancer Voices NSW on this issue.

Contact Cancer Voices NSW to tell your story, good or bad, about your experiences in the private sector – costs, standard of treatment and care, access to information and support for decision making. We would particularly like to know if you have paid unexpected out-of-pocket costs for treatment.

Your story will help us make informed recommendations about how the Federal Government can reduce out-of-pocket costs for privately insured cancer patients.



Briefing Paper: Private Health Insurance for Cancer Patients [PDF]

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