Our Community

Every day, our CanAct Community members work with us to achieve our mission to defeat cancer. Their passion and dedication has contributed to significant changes in cancer policy across local, state and federal government issues – and they continue to be a force to be reckoned with!

Be inspired by their stories as we showcase the amazing work they are carrying out across NSW.

Read more about our CanAct Community members by clicking on their name below.

Get involved in a local advocacy network – Andy’s story

Want to get involved in a local network but not sure what it’s all about? Read Andy Crosbie’s first hand account of how he became involved in the Sydney Cancer Advocacy Network and the power of giving people a voice to speak out on issues that affect them. I joined the Sydney Cancer Advocacy Network (SCAN) six [...]

Millie Sussyer and Hannah Hamilton

Millie and Hannah are two great ladies who completed Community Action (Advocacy) training for Aboriginal participants with Cancer Council NSW and AH&MRC in November 2012. Their main priority is to get their communities talking about cancer, prevention, cure and early detection. Along with Millie’s sister Tomasina, Millie and Hannah want to work together to develop a [...]

Gary Rosevear

Fed up with breathing second-hand smoke whilst socialising, Gary Rosevear joined the Tobacco Action Group in January 2004 so that he could work towards a world were  tobacco may one day be banned. Since then, Gary has constantly campaigned on many local, state and federal issues. He’s a member of the Hunter Cancer Action Network and [...]

Liz Hing

After attending Advocacy Training in March 2011, Liz Hing went on to form the Northern Suburbs Cancer Action Network (NSCAN). Since then, she has contributed to a number of successful campaigns across NSW and within her local community. Liz is a dedicated and passionate advocate who works tirelessly to ensure that inequalities around treatment and [...]